John Gianvito Masterclass by Film Studies, Queen Mary University of London, Mon 6 November 2017

The Centre for Film & Ethics at Queen Mary University of London, in collaboration with Close-Up Cinema, is pleased to host a masterclass on political cinema by acclaimed American documentary filmmaker John Gianvito.

John Gianvito is a filmmaker, teacher, curator, and critic. His films include the feature films The Flower of Pain (1983) and The Mad Songs of Fernanda Hussein (2001). In 2010, Gianvito’s meditative film essay Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind(2007) was named one of the 50 greatest documentaries of all time by Time Out (New York).

This masterclass, which focuses on political filmmaking, follows the first complete London/UK screening of For Example, the Philippines, a nine hour diptych consisting of Vapor Trail (Clark)(2010), and Subic (Wake) (2015), that patiently unearths the violent legacies of American colonialism and militarism in the island nation.

Mon 6 November 2017

13:00 – 15:00 GMT


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