Cinema Action: Film as an Ideological Weapon + Q&A with Ann Guedes and Steve Sprung. Tuesday 23 June 2015 20:20 NFT3


Steve Sprung, Cinema Action member and long time Marc Karlin collaborator, will be present for a Q&A with fellow Cinema Action member, Ann Guedes at the BFI, Southbank on Tuesday 23 June 2015 20:20 NFT3.

The Q&A follows a screening of two films by the bold political film collective, formed in the wake of May ’68.


UK 1970
Directed by Cinema Action
17 min

Formed in the revolutionary firmament of May ’68, film collective Cinema Action rejected the idea of the cinematic auteur and reimagined film production as a non-hierarchical creative practice centred on the class struggle. Their stark, black and white film Squatters challenged the Greater London Council regarding their lack of investment in housing, and provided important – if controversial – information about the use of bailiffs in illegal eviction.

So That You Can Live

UK 1981
Directed by Cinema Action
83 min

Widely recognised as one of Cinema Action’s finest works, this extraordinary film follows the story of inspiring union convenor Shirley and the impact global economic changes have on her and her family’s life in rural South Wales. The landscape of the area, with all its complex history, is cross-cut with images of London, and original music from Robert Wyatt and Scritti Politti further reinforces the deeply searching, reflective tone.

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