Mick Eaton’s ‘Now About This Policy’ shown @Channel4 Visions 24 April 1985. A satire on British Film Policy.

Mick Eaton directed and Alan Drury scripted this amusing and insightful view of the twists and turns of UK government film policies. Shot using the then-new video technique of blue screen studio, it features Geoffrey Keen (who played the Minister of Defence in six Bond films) as the hapless Minister, and Joan Blackham and Jack Elliott as the ineffectual civil servants. It was the first part of a special edition of Visions devoted to the problems of British cinema on 24 April 1985.

via Large Door

Large Door Productions made programmes for UK TV between 1982 and 1998. Founded by John Ellis, Keith Griffiths and Simon Hartog, Large Door produced 36 programmes in the Channel 4 ‘Visions’ series about world cinema. Ellis and Hartog continued to work through the company making programmes on food, TV in Brazil and other subjects as well as cinema. Simon Hartog died in 1992 and John Ellis continued closed the company when he returned to full-time university teaching in 1998. Ellis is now Professor of Media Arts and Royal Holloway University of London.

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