Marc Karlin – Look Again edited by Holly Aylett published by @LivUniPress



“a meticulously researched treasure of a book.”

“This is a volume not only to read but also to experience with almost tactile pleasure.” 

Giovanni Vimercati, Film Comment – September/October 2015

“…what Ezra Pound called an ‘active anthology’ – a book that sets ideas in motion, and establishes a complex network of internal cross-references, concerning Karlin and his ideas, images, politics, collaborators and films.”

“...the future of Channel 4, whose existence owes so much to the campaigning activities of Karlin and his colleagues in the Independent Filmmakers Association in the 1970s and early 1980s, lies in doubt due to the government’s apparent privatisation plans. In tackling the issues of how to protect Channel 4’s remit and how to make films in a hostile funding climate, the current generation could learn a very great deal from Marc Karlin.”

Ieuan Franklin (Bournemouth University)Journal of British Cinema and Television, Volume 13, Issue 2, April, 2016

“Overdue reader on British independent filmmaker and advocate Marc Karlin”.

Artist’s Moving Image Publications of the Year, 2015 LUX Artist Moving Image

Marc Karlin – Look Again. Edited by Holly Aylett. Available here

Watch the Marc Karlin Collection here

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