Film as a Radical Pedagogic Tool by Inside Film – Sun, June 11, 2017 @maydayrooms

Film as a radical pedagogic tool refers to film in its most complete sense as praxis, where the categories of theory and practice are integrated, where film becomes both concept and method. Pedagogy is concerned with education, not only in the conventional model of knowledge transmission and acquisition but as a reaction to our environment and our personal experiences and how we react to that environment and what sense we make of those experiences. Film as praxis attempts to contest the structural weight of the power concentrated in elites and to create opportunities for the working class-specifically by fostering a critical engagement with the structural and ideological underpinnings of the media in our neo liberal corporatist world, Therefore film as a radical tool, refers to the meshing of film and pedagogy as a force for social and political change.

The aim of this workshop is to explore the potential of a radical pedagogy of film as a way of providing working class people with an education that fosters the development of a critical awareness around issues of identity (classed, gendered and racial), cultural representation and ideolog

This workshop will explore the importance both in theory and in practice of working class people telling their own stories and representing their own experinces. Most representations of working class people are made by the middle class graduates of Russell Group universities who have no expereince of working class life and who are not anchored in the strugges of working class people -we will draw on the work of inside film -there will be clips from some of the films made by the peope we have worked with- a presentation explaining the underlying philosophy of a radical pedagy of film and a discussion of how we might implement these ideas more widely.

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