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Fidel – Trailer (1999)

A communist survivor in a capitalist world, Fidel Castro has held power in Cuba for over forty years. To some, he is a symbol of resistance and social justice but to others he is a dangerous demon. Fidel explores the complex life of this controversial figure.

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Producer/Director: Estela Bravo
Executive Producers: Sylvia Stevens
& Alan Fountain

Dur. 78 mins
For Channel 4 (UK)/ Fort Point Entertainment (USA) 1999



Havana Report (1986) documentary report on the 7th Havana Film Festival directed by Michael Chanan and Holly Aylett

A documentary report on the 7th Havana Film Festival, produced and directed by Michael Chanan and Holly Aylett, commissioned by Alan Fountain’s Independent Film and Video Department for the weekly Eleventh Hour slot on 30th June 1986 as part of the channel’s second season on New Cinema of Latin America. The festival focused on new Latin American Cinema and features a speech by Fidel Castro at the closing ceremony.