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Nicaragua Part 1 – Voyages – Channel 4 intro and outro – Eleventh Hour – 14 October 1985 – 10pm





Nicaragua Part 1: Voyages is available to download and stream.

Broadcast 14 October 1985 Channel 4 (ELEVENTH HOUR) (42 mins)
In 1978–79 American photographer Susan Meiselas documented the two insurrections that led to the overthrow of fifty years of dictatorship by the Somoza family in Nicaragua. Through an epistolary exchange over five unedited tracking shots across Meiselas’ photographs, the film articulates her relationship to the history she witnessed.


Return to Nicaragua 2015: Escenas de una revolución: Scenes for a Revolution

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Hermione Harris and Holly Aylett have returned to Nicaragua this week to screen Marc Karlin’s Nicaragua Series (1985/1991), the first time the series has been seen in Nicaragua. Here is the trailer presented by Carlos Fernando Chamorro’s company Confidencial.