BIMI presents Screenings and discussion: Jean-Luc Godard: Out-takes from a Retrospective, Feb 27


Screenings and discussion: Jean-Luc Godard: Out-takes from a Retrospective

Michael Witt and Michael Temple, curators of the Jean-Luc Godard season at the BFI January-March 2016, will present and show a range of material that did not make it into the main retrospective. This will include a selection of trailers made by Godard for his own films, and several documentaries made about Godard at different moments of his long and eventful career (titles to be confirmed):

  • Le Parti des choses: Bardot et Godard, Jacques Rozier, 1963, 10 minutes
  • Paparazzi, Jacques Rozier, 1964, 22 minutes
  • One to One: Jean-Luc Godard Speaks, Mike Dibb, 1968, 10 minutes
  • Jean-Luc Godard in America, Ralph Thanhauser, 1970, 45 minutes
  • Godard 1980, Jon Jost and Donald Ranvaud, 1980, 17 minutes
  • Godards Kameramänner, Michael Klier, 1981, 20 minutes
  • François Musy on Sound, Direct Sound, Godard, Larry Sider, 2003, 40 minutes
  • Marcel Ophuls & Jean-Luc Godard: The Meeting in St Gervais, Frédéric Choffat and Vincent Lowy, 2011, 44 minutes.

Godard’s work of the past six decades has consistently innovated, provoked and inspired. His vast and varied output includes short films, video essays, self-portraits, commercial commissions, TV films and series, books, a major exhibition, and 35 features. Born in 1930, and active as a critic from 1950, his level of creativity remains undimmed: his 2014 foray into 3D, Adieu au langage, is as fresh and inventive as anything he made since his landmark features of the 60s, his TV work of the 70s and his video essays of the 80s and 90s. This retrospective offers a wonderful opportunity to take stock of Godard’s achievement to date, and to consider his feature films anew within the context of his output as a multifaceted poet of word, image and sound.

Michael Witt is Professor of Cinema at the University of Roehampton and author of Jean-Luc Godard, Cinema Historian. Michael Temple is Reader in Film and Media at Birkbeck and co-editor of several books on Godard

To attend this event, please visit:


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