First Part of Marc Karlin’s extraordinary Nicaragua series – Nicaragua Part 1: Voyages (1985)

Monday 14 October 1985, 10.00-10.50pm on Channel Four

With current speculation about the future of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua – under constant pressure from Washington – these four documentaries offer timely insights into the country and its situation. They were made by British independent Marc Karlin and commissioned for The Eleventh Hour, but have now been given a slightly earlier Monday slot.

Tonight’s opening programme looks at Nicaragua through the testimony and the photographs of American Susan Meiselas, hailed as the star photographer of the world-renowed Magnum agency, who became personally involved with the Sandinista forces while capturing their revolution on film. Between 1978 and 1979 she was in Nicaragua where she photographed the two revolutionary insurrections which led to the overthrow of the Somoza family, who for 50 years had led the dictatorship of the country. Her photographs were the means by which many people glimpsed what the Nicaraguan people were experiencing as the revolution developed.

Voyages which is in the form a letter written to the filmmakers by Susan Meiselas, also examines the inherent contradictions which inevitably result from being an outsider in the middle of someone else’s political struggle.

Writer: Susan Meiselas

Prod/dir: Marc Karlin

Prod co: Lusia Films

Commissioning editor: Alan Fountain, Independent Film and Video Department

Text taken from Channel Four’s Press Packs – read more here

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